Group and Tutoring Edition (GATE) by Read Naturally

Read Naturally’s Group and Tutoring Edition (GATE) for Phonics uses the powerful research-based Read Naturally strategy. This direct-instruction program develops phonemic awareness and phonics skills as well as reading fluency in small groups of beginning readers. Teachers present scripted lessons (using teacher modeling, repeated practice, and progress monitoring) as students look at pictures, letters, key words, and stories on the flipchart. Teachers provide direct instruction with small groups of up to six students for 20 to 30 minutes daily.

Students’ reading skills improve by:

  • Developing phonemic awareness by segmenting and blending sounds in words
  • Strengthening proficiency with letter sounds
  • Learning to decode short, phonetically regular words
  • Building fluency using word lists and stories
  • Spelling short, phonetically regular words
  • Developing comprehension through writing predictions and retells, and answering questions